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Flying from Montana back to North Carolina in the Cherokee 140

photo 2 (3)

crossing the M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

photoFlying is easy. Spelling is difficoult chalaanging hard.


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 One tail from the Frontier fleet. (see more Frontier spokesanimals here)  

Photo taken on a cell phone by a pilot, not a photographer. Although not a good quality image, it is nevertheless today’s post.


Airbus A319: N924FR with Klondike & Snow: Polar Bear Cubs





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On the ground at EWR (Newark)

New York City Skyline

Visual contact Canadian goose departing (look closely above skyline)

Photos With Altitude Series

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 A “greener” 70-80 passenger prop jet

While being the fastest passenger turbo prop in production (maximum true airspeed of 360 kts), the Q400 NextGen also leaves a reduced environmental footprint.  It uses 30 to 40% less fuel and produces 30 to 40% fewer emissions on routes where it has replaced similar capacity, older jets.

Full glass LCD screens provide prioritized, color-coded displays.

the work space

the big blue

Photos With Altitude Series

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The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years.  ~Thomas Jefferson

Photos With Altitude Series

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1st trip out – Cold and Snow

Think it’ll be an early Spring?

Last trip of the day – Cold and Snow

Photos With Altitude Series

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Q400 flight deck view of Vermont.

Lake Champlain

Photos With Altitude Series

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