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I love this breakfast recipe. It was given to me from MINNIE STREET BED AND BREAKFAST INN, Fairbanks, Alaska.

(Yes, I’m thinking cool Alaska thoughts amid very hot NC June weather)




6 eggs, ½cup half-half, ¼cup amaretto, and 1 tsp. cinnamon.

Keep croissants frozen until ready to use. This makes it easy to slice them, as they are delicate and break easily when thawed out. Cut in half, dip into egg mixture and cook.

I use 1  tsp. almond extract instead of the amaretto. Have the maple syrup ready. And maybe some crushed almonds. So very good!

Minnie Street Inn Logo

Traveling to Fairbanks? I recommend Minnie Street Bed & Breakfast Inn. Use the link above to visit their website.


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 A local

The Chena River



Antler Arch

Alaska Siberia WWII Memorial


The WWII memorial in Griffin Park in downtown Fairbanks honors the pilots who flew aircraft from the continental United States to Siberia via Alaska as part of the Lend-Lease program during World War II. The memorial inscription reads:

The structure of world peace cannot be the

work of one man, or one party, or one

nation…it must be a peace which rests on

the cooperative effort of the whole world.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, March 1, 1945

Address to Congress on the Yalta Conference

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A look at where Felix Pedro discovered gold in 1902




Clean, clear, and cold water. 


 Use the link below to read about Felix Pedro

Felix Pedro

More Alaska posts this week!

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The pipeline – behind these beautiful Alaska aspen trees





Visit the Explore Fairbanks website (link below) for information about the pipeline

More Alaska posts this week!

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My one day visit in Fairbanks Alaska started here


After a good nights sleep , we had Amaretto Croissants and coffee to start the day. Then we headed out to explore



If in Fairbanks, I recommend Minnie Street Bed & Breakfast Inn. Use the link below to visit their website.

More Alaska posts this week!

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