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Delicious scents
(no added perfumes)

No parabens, chemicals
or mystery ingredients

Cleansers, Oils, Soaps,
and Toners

Consciously crafted in
small batches in Texas

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“The artisan aromatherapy mist for yoga studios, spas and busy families that need relaxation without the chemicals common in mass-market mists”

Distilled Water, Sweet Orange Peel Essential Oil, Clementine Peel Essential Oil, Rose Absolute, Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Organic Bourbon Vanilla Bean Extract, Organic Honey, Organic Cardamom Seed Extract, Benzoin Resin Extract, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil

Wisdom is a terrific combination of essential oils that make a great aromatherapy spray. For use as an air freshener or body spray, this comes from a company that offers toxin-free, chemical-free, organic, plant-based personal care and aromatic products. (and a super cute logo) Would make a nice gift for Mom or teacher ✔

Goobsi provided Wisdom/ Aura to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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I try to keep candles around the house. It’s a decor that comes in handy during power outages and I love the ambiance of a pretty candle when the sun goes down. But candle shopping is difficult when you’re looking for a candle that doesn’t have synthetic fragrance and that will actually produce a quality burn.

 shop Big Dipper Wax Works. all natural beeswax candles. bright idea.

Beeswax Heart Pillar

From reading on the Big Dipper website, I’ve learned that beeswax candles are better for the environment. They burn cleaner, longer, and brighter.  Big Dipper has a large selection of candles. The Heart Pillar is very pretty & perfect for warming hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Big Dipper is a Green America approved business located in Seattle. They donate 10% of the net profits from all candle sales “to organizations dedicated to outreach, education, and sustainability efforts devoted to promoting sustainable beekeeping. ”

It think it’s a great idea to bee Eco friendly and use beeswax candles from Big Dipper.

Big Dipper Wax Works provided the Beeswax Heart Pillar to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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Mountain Rose Herbs offers high quality organic bulk herbs, gourmet spices, loose leaf teas, essential oils, herbal extracts, and natural body care ingredients. Our extensive selection includes certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild harvested, & Kosher certified botanical products.

I love their huge selection of Certified Organic essential oils. And a website that’s helpful, informative, and easy to navigate. Mountain Rose Herbs is an excellent choice to explore the uses and benefits of essential oils.

side note: Essential oils are the healthy alternative to chemical fragrances. That nasty stuff is found in too many products and has been linked to many serious health problems. (Campaign for Safe Cosmetics)

reviewed: This practical little Diffuser Pendant. It’s made of terra cotta and perfect for the car. It holds the scent of whatever essential oil you choose. Currently I’m using this pendant with Mountain Rose’s Sweet Orange oil 🙂

Only 3.25 – Each one is hand made and unique and

measurements are typically 1 1/4″ – 1 3/4″ in diameter.


choose flower, leaf, or spiral….. then go shop oils


I thought this interesting:

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils Defined

The term “essential oil” is a contraction of the original “quintessential oil.” This stems from the Aristotelian idea that matter is composed of four elements, namely, fire, air, earth, and water. The fifth element, or quintessence, was then considered to be spirit or life force. Distillation and evaporation were thought to be processes of removing the spirit from the plant and this is also reflected in our language since the term “spirits” is used to describe distilled alcoholic beverages such as brandy, whiskey, and eau de vie. The last of these again shows reference to the concept of removing the life force from the plant. Nowadays, of course, we know that, far from being spirit, essential oils are physical in nature and composed of complex mixtures of chemicals.1

source: National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

What’s your thoughts on essential oils?

Have a favorite oil, recipe, or tip?


Notes From Dawn received Mountain Rose organic essential oils and the pendant diffuser in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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