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Kane Miller Books specializes in award-winning children’s books from around the world. Our books bring the children of the world closer to each other, sharing stories and ideas, while exploring cultural differences and similarities.

Hardcover, 32 page, picture book for ages 2-6, concepts/activities/ art/ animals.

“Guess which animal will appear next based on a tiny hint in the right-hand corner of each double-page spread. Then discover who’s left the page.”

LOVE it. My 2 year old reviewer and I think this is a fun book full of animals. Also good for reasoning and observational skills.

Paperback activity book, 96 pages.

“Math and art, as different as night and day, right? Wrong! This is Not a Math Book shows how math can be beautiful and art can be numerical. Amazing patterns with a mathematical basis will be revealed as you follow the simple activity instructions. And you’ll learn incredible math facts as you draw the beautiful designs. A real eye-opener for kids of all ages with an artistic bent who think that math is dry and boring, while math enthusiasts will discover new ways to be creative.”

LOVE it. For ages 9 and up, so I’ve reviewed this one solo. I’m enjoying this doodle-like book at nap times and I will have to buy another when needed for my youngster. Great home school resource.

Kane Miller EDC Publishing provided these books to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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