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Picture of Room on Our Rock

There are two ways to read this story. When read from left to right, the seals believe there is definitely no room on their rock for others. When the book is read backward, the seals welcome others to shelter on their rock. A heartwarming story about sharing and compassion.

Hardcover book, 32 pages. ages 4-8. 

The carefully chosen words complete another story when the book is read again by turning the pages from the last page back to the first. There are full page illustrations but limited text. To me, the limited words create more of a poem feel than an typical story. 

It appears that $1 from every book supports the Refugee Action Support Program. The author’s website states Room on our Rock is “a story about empathy and thinking about others where as older readers are making connections to social issues.” I do not care to have a social message in a child’s book. 

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Kane Miller EDC Publishing provided this book to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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