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With a long-time honey heritage (since 1949 and now the largest family owned honey company in the US), Honey Stinger’s goal continues to be providing great tasting, honey-based energy foods made with natural ingredients.

That sounds sweet to me!

And who couldn’t use more energy sometimes? I know I could. So, what was this assortment of Stinger products going to taste like? The following taste testing was conducted by myself and another qualified participant. We each tried a full size product and considered the appearance, aroma, taste, and texture. The product score was based on overall satisfaction.

1. Caffeinated Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Protein Bar (score:9/10) Loved the cherry- chocolate combination (but that goes without saying). Bee careful that you don’t eat too many of these.

Honey Stinger’s first caffeinated protein bar! Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry protein bars are coated with dark chocolate surrounding the perfect blend of mocha, cherry and almonds. Caffeinated with 30mg of coffee per bar make this a truly great-tasting meal replacement snack or after-workout recovery bar. Our protein bars contain gluten free ingredients and no trans fats. Honey Stinger protein bars are truly unique as we include over 30% USDA certified organic honey, 10 grams of whey protein – 20% of the daily recommended allowance, 22 vitamins and minerals, calcium and antioxidants. Made with gluten free ingredients, but processed on machinery that processes gluten products.

2.Blueberry Buzz Energy Bar (score:8/10) Energy bar or tasty treat? Both. The yogurt bottom had a good amount of sweetness. Love the blueberry flavor. Not too heavy.

Our newest energy bar, Blueberry Buzz has a new light and crispy texture paired with a delicious yogurt coated bottom. Just imagine a blueberry muffin and healthy snack alternative collide to create this great new addition. Our Energy bars are made with over 30% honey, 5g Non-GMO Soy Protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, whole grains, calcium, antioxidants, natural flavors and all the benefits of our energy gel. These delicious bars are great for a healthy snack alternative and before or during a workout.

3. Organic Lemon Waffle (score:7/10 ) More lemon in this one please.

A thin layer of honey infused with a zest of natural lemon flavor and sandwiched between two thin waffles. The refreshing taste of lemon and honey will satisfy your taste buds and keep you going as an afternoon snack, during your favorite activity or go great with your cup of coffee or tea. Certified USDA organic.

4.Kids’ Organic Honey Waffle (score:8/10) Very much like a stroop waffle. 

Sandwiching honey between two thin waffle wafers, our Kids’ Organic Waffles are the only product of their kind that are certified organic and available in a box containing six individually wrapped waffles. This delicious 80 calorie snack is perfect for kids on the go, on the field or even adults trying to satisfy their sweet tooth!

5. Kids’ Organic Chocolate Waffle (score:10/10) Top scoring and our favorite Honey Stinger! The adult version of this waffle is, of course, bigger!

A thin layer of honey infused with natural cocoa flavor and sandwiched between two thin waffles. The delicious taste of chocolate and honey will satisfy your taste buds and keep you going as an afternoon snack, during your favorite activity or go great with your cup of coffee or tea. Certified USDA organic .

6.Cherry Cola Naturally Caffeinated Chew (score:7/7) Definitely tasted the cherry-cola. Not soda fans so we didn’t get to excited with this classic taste.

Adding to Honey Stinger’s line of caffeinated chews, the new Cherry Cola organic energy chews offer a classic taste that everyone will love! Caffeinated with 32mg of white tea extract per package, comprised of 95% organic ingredients, certified gluten free and sweetened with organic honey, these chews provide a natural and sustainable source of energy with that extra boost of caffeine. Great on a bike, great for a run, great for anything you need to get done!

7. Kids’ Mixed Bery Organic Chew (score:9/10 ) Delicious, kid-sized chews. I like the mixed berry flavors. A lot. 

8. Kids’ Sour Citrus Organic Chew (score:8/10 ) A whole bunch of cheerful flavor in this gummy-type chew. 

Honey Stinger Kids’ Organic Chews are formulated specifically for health-conscious parents and kids seeking a great tasting snack. Our Chews are unique as they include Vitamin C, Potassium, naturally occurring fiber and protein derived from 100% organic tapioca syrup and honey. Smaller in size compared to our original Chews, Honey Stinger Organic Kids’ Chews are great because they don’t stick to your teeth and taste amazing, making them the perfect snack.

source Honey Stinger Facebook

I’m not training for a marathon but I’ll be eating Honey Stinger protein bars, energy bars, gels, waffles, and chews during busy, errand-running days. I love that they are natural and organic. 

Notes From Dawn received an assortment of products from Honey Stinger in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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