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The Winterland CD has 16 original songs exploring the wonders and beauty of winter. Release date October 19, 2018. 

10% of proceeds go to Keep the North Cold

I love their music

The Okee dokee brothers music is upbeat and terrific for both kids and adults. It has good lyrics and instrumental quality. Also, the songs are without any television connection. (Disney and the like) It is not a “holiday” album so there are no songs about Christmas. (I am not a Christmas observer so I appreciate this) Slumberjack and Lazy Day are two of our favorites. 

Grammy Award-winning musicians who inspire families to get outside and get creative:

As childhood friends growing up in Denver Colorado, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing were always exploring the outdoors. Whether it was rafting down their neighborhood creek, taking long bike rides into the country or discovering hiking trails through the Rocky Mountains, Joe and Justin were born adventurers. Now, as The Grammy Award Winning Okee Dokee Brothers, they have put this passion for the outdoors at the heart of their Americana Folk music.

Joe and Justin record and perform family music with a goal to inspire children and their parents to get outside and experience nature. They believe this can motivate kids to gain a greater respect for the natural world, their communities and themselves.

The two-time Parents’ Choice Award winners have garnered praise from the likes of NPR’s All Things Considered and USA Today, and have been called “two of family music’s best songwriters”. Their nationwide fan base is drawn to their witty lyrics, strong musicianship and unique folk style. By appealing to the musical needs of the entire family and recognizing that kids deserve quality music, The Okee Dokee Brothers are working full-time to advance the family music genre. 

The Okee Dokee Brothers/ Beth Blenz-Clucas – Sugar Mountain PR provided this CD to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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GoodLight Natural Candles


My review: Thank you, Good Light !

To my readers: You do know that those “innocent looking scented candles with their soft warm glow have their dirty secrets, right? If not, this article from Wellness Mamma sums it up pretty good.

Good Light candles are made from 100% clean-burning palm wax, wicks are pure cotton, and the scented ones are infused with a blend of pure botanical and essential oils. My favorite is Fig Grapefruit!

Good Light’s Positive Impact

Good Light provided their products to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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Their Organic Farming (EN-38) T-Shirt sums up what SOS from Texas is all about.

That’s right. They “Grow T-Shirts” AND maintain old-fashioned, chemical-free farming practices. It doens’t get any better then this. 

USA farmer grown organic cotton. Great quality. Basic style. Good price. 



While they mostly grow t-shirts, they do have a few baby products like this baby receiving blanket. It is 32″x40″ of SOS organic cotton thermal fabric. Very soft. Nothing we have comes close to how this one cozies.



Grown in TX. Manufactured in NC. Loved in your home♥

Notes From Dawn received an SOS from Texas organic grown t-shirt and receiving blanket in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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I LOVE a 100% Pure Natural Laundry Softener!

Woolzies Dryer Balls

Woolzies are made by Soft By Nature, Inc., a small family owned company nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley region of Southern New York State. Their company mission is “to pass down this earth to our children in the same beautiful condition that we received it from our parents. We accomplish this by developing all natural eco friendly products and sharing them with our fellow citizens.”


Woolzies are pure handmade New Zealand wool dryer balls that soften your laundry naturally without any of the chemicals of conventional fabric softeners. They offer the same benefits for laundry as conventional fabric softeners WITHOUT all the nasty chemicals. They are more cost effective because these guys last a long time… as in 1,000 loads! Using them also reduces machine drying time since they help to circulate the air while tumbling in the dryer.

They are an incredible Earth friendly laundry product. Pretty, soft, and fun for those who can juggle, right Jesse?


FAQ you might want to know-

Q: If I have an allergy to wool, can I still use WOOLZIES?

A: Yes! Absolutely! Since the wool is not directly touching your skin and does not shed, everyone can use WOOLZIES without any allergic reactions.

I received Woolzies from Soft By Nature to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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Made in the US from 95% recycled materials, these are lightweight, fuzzy cases that’s just the thing to protect your expensive gadgets. 

I’m happy to be using a one-of-a-kind case that’s kind to the environment.

What is the ReFleece material?

ReFleece is a new kind of felt.  The outer charcoal grey layer comes from post-industrial recycled fleece scrap.  The inner colored layer comes directly from a recovered fleece jacket, collected through Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative.   We wash the jackets, then cut them up into squares roughly the size of a case.  The two layers are then put on top of each other and pressed together.  This low energy manufacturing process gives the fleece a new form and a new life.

Is that my old jacket in there?

It is!  Well… it’s somebody’s jacket.  The lining of this case comes straight from jackets recovered through Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative.  Your fleece jacket is neither re-shredded nor re-melted nor shipped across the ocean to be reprocessed.  We just clean, cut and press it into the lining of the case.  

Read more about Sustainability with ReFleece™

My ReFleece™ Kindle case not only looks good and feels good, but it does a good job protecting against scratches and dust on my Kindle.  The elastic corners are stitched securely and gives my Kindle a snug, safe fit. The case offers a cable port opening for charging. It can also fold all the way back.


ReFleece™ has grouped colors into different colorways for you to choose from. Remember that the lining is made from upcycled jackets, so each case will be unique. My case color fits into the “earth green colorways” category. (the pics I took look more blue than green) 


Jennifer at ReFleece™ has news about the Kickstarter campaign: “We are taking back people’s fleece and making custom cases — right out of their own old stuff — for them!” Visit their website to participate.

I received the Kindle case from ReFleece™ to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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A fun way to learn “who lives where”.


Learn about animals and their environments as you follow the stone trail through the world’s habitats. Draw a “Wisdom & Consequence” card to learn about environmental hazards and to discover ways in which you can help improve the environment. With every correct answer to an animal or habitat question on the “Knowledge” cards, you collect one “Habitat” card. Collect two cards from each habitat to become an “Earth Steward” and win the game. It’s a fun expedition around the world for family and friends when you “HIT THE HABITAT TRAIL!”

Habitat Exploration Game from Jax Games

Ages 8+

Hit the Habitat Trail encourages players to be good stewards of our Earth. It is a game that animal and nature lovers are sure to appreciate.

The colorful game board includes eight sections each representing a different habitat: arctic, wetlands, desert, forest, ocean, jungle, mountains, and grasslands.

Choose a habitat critter and be ready to learn. Lots of the cards have “green” tips and practices for awareness of how our actions effect the Earth and its inhabitants.

This is a terrific home school science game. While this game focuses solely on the habitats and doesn’t incorporate any bible teaching, it can easily be used as a way to teach children about the amazing world God created.




Allow an hour for playing time. The complete directions can be viewed on the Jax website.

I received the Hit the Habitat Trail game from Jax to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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A TreeSmart Giveaway


Last year I did a review for TreeSmart recycled newspaper pencils. I’ll love them forever! And I want to share that review again this fall along with a giveaway for the Start Now Set ( 24 rolled up recycled newspaper pencils) and the Mini Color Pencils in Tube (12 colored newspaper pencils).

The review:

TreeSmart makes pencils from recycled newspapers. What a smart idea! Take a look at the TreeSmart process.

Made in the United States,  TreeSmart pencils keep tons of newspapers out of the landfill and minimizes the cutting of trees.

TreeSmart sent me some to try. They are wonderful!

They are so unique in look and feel. The pencil is rounded with a smooth barrel on which the newsprint is clearly visible. It sharpens easily, actually better than most regular pencils. The no. 2 graphite writes smooth and the eraser is latex-free and smudge proof.

The  mini colored pencils were comparable to other wood-made colored pencils. The set contains 12 colors. The lighter purple color wasn’t purple but more of a flesh tone color and very close to the brown shade.  Also, the two blues are very close to being the same shade. They sharpened nice and the graphite stayed strong during coloring.

I am truly wowed by these TreeSmart pencils! Why would I need a pencil made from a tree again?

Save a tree! Reuse a newspaper!

Enter the Giveaway for the TreeSmart Start Now Set and the TreeSmart Colored Pencils

Six (6) winners will be selected!!

Entry #1. Did you know that recycling a two-foot stack of old newspapers saves one 20 ft. pine tree? Visit the TreeSmart website. Then leave a comment telling me you did for a chance to win this giveaway.

Entry #2. Watch the You Tube video about TreeSmart pencils. And be sure to leave a comment for another chance to win.

Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry. I will use to pick the winners! Please be sure to leave your email address. If I have no contact information, I can’t award you as winner. Contest ends October 29@11:59 pm est. (available only to US residents) The winners will be selected at random using the integer generator from The winners must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize.

I received pencils and colored pencils from TreeSmart in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received.


Thank you everyone for entering!!

The winners are: Susan S, Elaine L, Jody B, iambea, and Kid of the King. #30 was in the selected numbers 2x and won twice!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

7 30 17 37 30
Timestamp: 2012-10-30 12:01:24 UTC

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I love driving a fuel efficient car. It lessens my carbon footprint and gets me farther on a gallon of gas.

Thanks to those establishments that show their appreciation by offering reserved parking spots!

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Last September I did a review for Wrap-N-Mat. A year later, my Wrap-N-Mat wraps still look and work just as good as day one. The amount of plastic bags I could have tossed into the landfill surely would have been staggering if I hadn’t been using a reusable bag.

Wrap-N-Mat is a family owned business that offers a reusable food wrap and place-mat in one. The original wrap, 13″ x 13″, holds food with a Velcro closure and opens completely in an octagon shape. Opening completely, it serves as a place-mat and makes it super easy to keep clean with no crumbs in corners.

The large pouch is 6 3/4″ x 7″ and is designed to hold your contents in a pouch style envelope.  The large pouch can hold an entire quart of strawberries. 

This “Going Green” print is made from organic cotton that’s lined with LPDE food safe plastic. I love that there are so many fabric patterns and colors to choose from. Each member of the family can have their own design; it’s perfect for those who need a safe way to identify a particular snack due to food intolerance or allergies.

Wrap-N-Mat wraps help stop the unnecessary waste in my day-to-day routine as I take strides to greatly reduce my use of the plastic baggie.

I received the Going Green original wrap and the Going Green large pouch from Wrap-N-Mat to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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Solar energy and rechargeable batteries are two environmentally friendly features that I love about this Solar Goose product.

This is the 7 LED Ultimate Emergency Kit.

This kit includes the Ultimate Solar Base Charger, Ultimate 7 LED Head, Ultimate 10 LED Flexible Tube Light, and the Ultimate Mobile Charger Kit.

The Ultimate Base Charger is the main component housing the solar panels. Just keep it in the sunlight to charge and it’s ready to go. Solar power is, of course, a renewable energy source. Free, too. The Base Charger also uses 2 AA Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries last a long time, saving you money. They keep more disposable batteries out of the landfill and are easy to recycle when they eventually run out.

I use the flashlight the most. (my “light saber”)

This is an environmentally friendly lighting and charging product. It is definitely useful for everyday lighting needs or during those dreadful power outages. In addition to using solar energy and rechargeable batteries, it uses bright, long lasting LED lights. The Base Charger’s end cap is magnetic servicing another useful, and fun, function. The Mobile Charge Kit includes 10 adapters. It doesn’t include an adapter for the iPhone but that can be purchased separately if needed. This is a nicely constructed product that helps you to go green and save energy.

I received the 7 LED Ultimate Emergency Kit from Solar Goose to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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