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My Foodie ABC

A Little Gourmet’s Guide
by Puck
Illustrated by: Violet Lemay 

– Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers
– Small and sturdy format, round corners for extra safety
– A fun introduction to the wold of food and the alphabet

7” x 7” inches; board book; 22 pages; full-color art; nontoxic; ages 3 to 6

ISBN: 9780982529522


A delightful educational tool that stresses the importance of having a healthy relationship with food, this board book teaches the letters of the alphabet to tots and other gastronomes in training. Stylish and dazzling illustrations that highlight terms such as Kobe beef, pomegranate, ice cream, and farmer’s market pair with fun foodie facts to make learning the alphabet easy and enriching. A complete introduction to the alphabet and gastronomical terms, this unique book also includes a pronunciation guide, making it an ideal companion for food aficionados.


It’s a culinary journey through the alphabet accompanied by Violet Lemay’s fun illustrations. Every letter of the alphabet is featured in both uppercase and lowercase with pronunciation spelling for the featured word in parenthesis, if needed. (yes, I used it) Each word also gets a a short description.

Unique foods and “big” words for little ones; older readers will find it interesting, too! Just like any other alphabet book except this one doesn’t use A for apple!



Disclosure of Material Connection: This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion. No other compensation was received.

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