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We had a BERRY fun time at Creekside Farm. It was our 1st time ever blueberry picking – boy have we been missing out!


As former blackberry farmers, we each had our own opinions on the two berries (black vs blue) Personally, I think blueberries rate best of ALL.

The blueberries are super easy to pick; no dense foliage, no bending over, and the ripe ones roll off the bushes right into your hand.


 It was a super delicious time and we will definitely be going again for more of these dainty little blue super-fruits.


July is National Blueberry Month. Celebrate Independence Day with a native North American fruit!




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For those of you who regularly follow my blog, you know that I have featured several water bottle companies in the past highlighting the Eco benefits of using a reusable bottle.

This next water bottle offers benefits to the planet and to personal health. The Citrus Zinger, designed by Zing Anything, is a water bottle that infuses water with naturally sweet citrus. It’s healthy and a great incentive to drink more water. 

 Zing Anything Logo


My review:

I have had many inquires about my Citrus Zinger whenever I use it. People love the idea and want one!

The zinganything website is full of information about their products including recipes. The website recommends that an infusion shelf life be 12 hours without refrigeration or 3 days refrigerated. I use my zing creation much sooner, usually within a few hours. Too tasty not to drink, I guess. (I don’t like to see mushy looking fruit. Also, lemons can make the water bitter after too long) Something I should note is that I’ve experienced a slight leak a times from the bottom cap, carafe section. I’ve taken care to seal the lid carefully but sometimes still experience a small leak.


Drinks are super easy to make; easy enough for kids. Clearly a better drink alternative to sugary juices, soda, and sweet tea. My favorite zing creations are lemon with strawberry and also orange with blackberry. One way I do the orange blackberry version is with ice cubes that have a blackberry frozen inside – just for fun. 

I received the Citrus Zinger from Zing Anything to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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