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I recommend this product …..because babies are often fascinated by things that aren’t toys. The “clean key animals” are SAFE (Stainless Steel) and FUN (animal shaped).

SAFE. Made from food grade Stainless Steel. They are Non-toxic, Made in the USA, Dishwaher safe, and “Green”. 

FUN. There are no sharp edges and they are just as shinny and noisy as regular keys. They even have the weight of “real” keys. The set comes with 3 keys in the shape of animals – Elephant, Giraffe, and Lion. Engraving is available. Keys come in a small pouch for safe keeping in your bag or in the car. 


You should know why you might be paying a little bit extra for Kleynimals.  Kleynimals are always “Made in the USA.”  While going through the process of creating the keys, I knew that I could probably have them manufactured in China and save some money.  However, it is important to me (and hopefully to you too) to have products that are made in the USA for a number of reasons.  I want to ensure that quality, safe materials and fair labor practices are used in the manufacturing process.  I also want to support the US economy.  The two companies involved in the manufacturing process are both family-owned companies that have been around for at least a couple of generations.  Kleynimals are welded and polished by a talented man (also a proud Veteran and a good friend) in Baltimore, often times with the assistance of his daughter.  Lastly, Kleynimals are assembled and washed by a local non-profit organization that supports developmentally disabled adults in living self-directed lives (The Providence Center).  I hope that Kleynimals make a positive impact on the babies who enjoy them and on the people who help me make them.


A smart choice for baby and planet. Visit Kleynimals for more information & to purchase your set of keys. 

Notes From Dawn received a set of keys from Kleynimals to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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A Back-To-School DIY Project


Very inexpensive 

Fun for all ages


and Thoughtful


With a few inexpensive supplies, some that you already have around the house, anyone can create a Composition Notebook Journal for school or to make as a gift. 

Requires Only:

(1) Composition Notebook – the hardback black and white kind for about 50 cents during pre-school sales

(2) Two or more pieces of scrapbook paper

(3) Stickers and Ribbon

(4) Glue Stick and Scissors

Trace around the front and back of the book. I don’t cover over the black spine.

Cut out and glue in place. (Ideal for little hands to practice trace, cut, and glue)

The inside front and back cover can also be covered with paper.

I was going to use lavender for the front of my journal but, of course, I changed my mind and used periwinkle.

   Then design the cover. 

And don’t forget to give your journal a ribbon bookmark. Use a large sticker to attach the ribbon to the back of the book. 

  A finished journal ready to use.

Autumn made one, too.

 The inside pages can also get some special touches.


I’d love to see your journal.

Send a picture to notesfromdawnATyahooDOTcom

Submitted by Pam from An Artful Mom. She had the journal book cut in half at a copy store to make two smaller journals.

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Bella Cupcake Couture

“fashion for your cupcakes”

Bella cupcake wrappers are stylish & Eco-friendly. Boutique-style designs are printed with soy inks on recycled linen paper. Perfect for a special occasion when presentation matters.

The wrappers are easy to assemble. They have three slots for an adjustable fit. I needed the biggest adjustment for my cupcakes and there were a few of the cupcakes that were too big to fit. I think it would be a good idea if the length were a little longer with one more slot.

The price might be a consideration ($8.49 for 12) but they are definitively a beautiful compliment for a special cupcake desert. 

I received the happy birthday cupcake wrappers from Bella Cupcake Couture in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received.

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