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Everyone loves ‘Bingo the Puppy’™. Unleash this playful pup and watch him bounce, tumble & roll over! Then match his ‘spots’ to a space on your game board and place a chip there. Be the first player with three chips in a row and you win!

Bingo The Puppy Board Game

It is a fun game to play with a 3 year old. Easy to understand rules as you can read from the description of the game above. As with the previous Jax games I reviewed, everything is quality made to last for many enjoyable game times. Visit Jax Games to see this and other terrific games ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

I received Bingo the Puppy game from Jax to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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Tomi Ungerer

Phaidon Press

Hardback, 32 pp

An intriguing visual game for children aged 2‐5 to find the simple shape of a shoe in Ungerer’s charming and retro illustrations

Not what I expected. Even putting my expectations aside, it just doesn’t have any wow to it. Only the first and last page of the book has text. The illustrations are simple and drawn to hide a shoe(s). Aside from a few, most of the “shoes” don’t really look like shoes. At least not to me. I wouldn’t recommend this title. (giving this one the boot)

Phaidon provided this complimentary copy for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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Come take a fun visit to the Park with some happy, loveable little Pegs as they race and jump from hole to hole along the colorful tracks in the Park. If you beat the other Pegs to the Ice Cream Cart, you win! This fun, educational game will help kids learn plus(+) and minus(-), as well as help to develop small motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Now that the weather is cold, enjoy some time playing Pegs in the Park, a winning combination of fun and learning. Little kids (ages 4-8) navigate their peg through the park toward the ice cream cart.
Teaches number recognition, counting, subtracting, & concepts of moving forward and backward.



Game includes game board, 44 action playing cards, and four pegs. See complete instructions on the Jax website or right HERE.  The playing cards depict pleasant park things (like kites and flowers) to advance your peg spaces. Other playing cards show things that are not park favorable (like ants and rain clouds) that direct pegs to go back spaces.  Jax Games quality as always. The board is sturdy and colorful. And the pegs are REALLY cute. Don’t you think so?


My recommendation for this game would be if the board was designed a little thicker and the pegs a little longer to make moving from hole to hole a little easier!

I received Pegs in the Park from Jax to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not  guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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The Numbers Game You Can COUNT On For Fun!

When your turn comes around, use as many cards as you can to match the value of the card in play. Think ahead to cause your opponent to draw. The way you play your match is the key. When your cards are gone, you win the hand. Win three hands—you are the champ!

Game contains cards, chips, and instructions. For 2 -4 players ages 7 and up. Rules declare first player to win three hands to be the game winner and chips are used to count a player’s wins.  The game can, of course, be played hand by hand for a shorter game. Or to allow for multiple winners! (that’s nice) It’s a simple game that’s small for travel and good for reinforcing addition skills. Also a good stocking stuffer! 

Complete instructions on the Jax website. Additional note: We also enjoyed playing Match ‘Em using subtraction to complete the match. 

I received Match ‘Em® from Jax to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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I did a review awhile back for the Pick and Draw card game – an art lesson and card game in one. (You can visit that post by searching Pick and Draw in my search box)

Here is a portion of my review:

It’s a simple game that only requires paper and pencil. It is a wholesome family game that flourishes creativity. It can be played alone or with a group. It uses basic shapes so it’s easy enough for little kids but still enjoyable for older children and adults.

To play: pick a card from each category- face, eyes, nose, mouth, and hair – and draw your own cartoon. The parts can be drawn large or small and in any position on the face making each person’s character very unique. Comparing our cartoons was amusing!

Rich Davis, the creator of Pick and Draw, now offers The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities. This book is a compilation of activities for many more ways to enjoy the Pick and Draw card game.

The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities is a fun collection of activities that different professionals who work with children have found effective. These 138 pages are packed with great insight and step by step instruction that will be very helpful. And you’ll enjoy thumbing through the pages just because there are over 200 fun illustrations!
There is something for homeschool parents, special needs teachers, elementary ed teachers (helps meet common core curriculum); art educators; creative writing teachers; children’s autism spectrum helpers; children’s grief counselors; christian missionaries; sunday school teachers and youth group leaders.

Each chapter is an activity idea and contains a material list and step-by-step instructions. “Eleven Pick and Draw Heart Messages” is a chapter that can be used for Sunday school, mission trips, vacation bible school, children’s outreach and youth groups. It has eleven approaches to the game that share God with the drawer/player. Love this! 

This is suitable for all ages/grades. The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities is available at Amazon  and the Pick and Draw card game at the Pick and Draw website.

Preview The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities

I received The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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Wise Alec expansion and travel packs are all the fun and education of the original Wise Alec game but in a small portable package. Each game provides challenging and thought provoking questions along with fun and active Wise Alec cards to spice the game up! These packs can either be played on their own or combined to create a complex trivia experience! Each pack includes 300 questions in two levels of difficulty so everyone can play together. Wise Alec cards throw in tongue twisters, brain teasers, exercises, and activities that are geared to each subject. No game board means this game is road ready. No table required!

The two editions we played were Body Works and Bright Ideas.

These editions can be played with the game board if you have the Wise Alec Family Trivia Game or they can be played as is. We actually enjoy playing them without the board. They are compact games that are easy to store and to travel. The box is sturdy and has a magnetic closure that keeps everything neatly inside. The directions are conveniently located on the inside cover of the box.  Every card contains two questions. One worth 3 points and one worth 7 points.  It’s interactive, educational, and adaptable allowing you to alter the directions to suit your players. (younger players might benefit from using the easier questions while still collecting higher points)

And Wise Alec Junior 

This game, ages 4+, is actually four games in one. Memory, Matching, Action, and Storytelling games are for one or more players. We especially liked the matching game. This game of counting and quick wits is even entertaining for teenagers!!

I recommend these games for gift giving, home school, and for family time.

I received the Wise Alec games from Griddley Games in exchange for an honest opinion. No other compensation was received.

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My home school idea for some interactive learning is to play Jeopardy. I make a specialized board with the categories and the questions based on what we are studying. It can be played individually or in teams. And there are endless reward possibilities for the points earned!

 Print this Jeopardy Board

For the questions, I use card stock and tape  face down in the appropriate category and level position. When the student picks a category and level, they turn the card over to read the question and answer. The answers are on my teacher’s copy. Missed answers are given as homework!

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