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“a selection of heirloom-quality wooden kitchen utensils that are both highly-functional and beautiful.” I found it super easy to love Earlywood Designs. Functional. Beautiful. AND Sustainable.  

At Earlywood, we know it is important to start at the beginning when determining the sustainability of any product. In most modern kitchens you will find an assortment of metal, rubber, plastic and silicone utensils.  Before those items showed up in your kitchen, the metal was mined, processed and melted, the rubber was polymerized and vulcanized, the plastic was processed from petroleum that was drilled, transported, refined, combined, and pelletized, and the silicone was synthesized.  Before your Earlywood utensils showed up in your kitchen, they were busy sequestering carbon, creating oxygen, reducing erosion, creating shade, housing birds and other animals, filtering water, cleaning air, reducing flooding, and generally looking good.

So your wooden utensils are off to a pretty good start, but at Earlywood, we don’t settle for pretty good. We know how valuable of a component trees are to our world.  That is why for every 1 tree that Earlywood uses to make products, we plant 100 to replace it.  We call it “100 to 1”. It is how we make sure that the forests that grow the woods we use end up healthier because of us.  Some of the trees we use grow in the tropical climates of Central and South America.  That is why we have chosen to plant our trees in the endangered Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil.  Visit to learn more about the forest and the impressive efforts that are being made to save this vital piece of Brazil.

The Coffee Scoop

It holds 3 tablespoons. I use it as it’s named, for coffee beans, but it can be just as handy for other measurable pantry items, too. Leave it on the counter; no reason to put something this pretty away. This scoop made from hard maple. 


The Trifecta
A flat saute, a scraper, and a spreader make up this group of all-you-need utensils. My son’s favorite is the scraper because of how it feels (weight and size). Choose your wood type. I appreciate the beauty of each one – jatoba, ebony, and maple. 
the WOOD  The website is amazing, showcasing the different woods used in the Earlywood collection.  take a look 
Notes From Dawn received the coffee scoop and the trifecta from EarlyWood in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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