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Hillary Sciarillo is the Co-founder & Creative Director of Yellow Label Kids. As an enthusiastic new mom, she started this ethically made, Eco minded collection. Yellow Label Kids offers you clothing and toys that are created, not produced. 

yellow label kids

fun, stylish and functional

ethically crafted and environmentally responsible


Yellow Label Kids offers children clothing (sweaters and hats) and toys (dolls, puppets, and rattles). I reviewed the Frog and the Panda hat. Although both these hats are made of conventional cotton, they do have products that are made with bamboo yarn. (website’s Earth Friendly tab) I asked Hillary/YLK why only some of their products were made with Eco fabrics. Her response:

Because eco materials are unfortunately not available in all of the developing countries where YLK products were sourced. YLK began first and foremost as a Fair Trade company and began to incorporate eco-friendly materials as they became available.

My Frog and Panda hats were HAND-made in China. YLK products come from several different countries; I was told that “finger puppets, hand puppets, waldorf dolls, sweaters and some hats have been manufactured in countries such as Bangladesh, Peru, India and Armenia.”



Spring isn’t here yet-

Need a hat? (age 0-3) Hop on over to the Yellow Label Kids website!

Notes From Dawn received fair trade, earth friendly hats from Yellow Label Kids in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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Dots on Tots is a mom created, small business that’s sure to grow in popularity. They offer newborn and toddler hat designs for protection (the ear, nose, and throat are especially sensitive in young children) and use low-impact dyes, eco-friendly, breathable, irritant-free fabric for comfort.

The Dots On Tots Noise Reduction Hat


Our Noise Reduction Hat is a combination of Ear Protection Hat and infant Noise Reduction Hat in one. Our soft organic cotton baby hats feature baby hearing protection inserts, which can be removed and you’ll get a regular ear flap hat. The Noise Reduction Hat is designed to reduce the outside noises and try to protect baby’s ears as much as possible.


♥Excellent for Fall & Winter
♥Soft and durable organic cotton
♥Combination ear protection and noise protection hat
♥Made in the USA and comes in Eco friendly packaging
♥Free shipping


*Love the white but it’s the only color this hat comes in. 

This post courtesy of Autumn, a Notes From Dawn contributor. 

Notes From Dawn received the Noise Reduction Hat from Dots On Tots in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

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