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Autumn took this photograph

The Numbers of Hope

My daughter took this photo of her brother.

He is actually standing on a ledge over an open stairwell.

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Lead Me Home 

Stacy Hawkins Adams


July 9, 2013

paperback, 336 pages


Book Description

A compelling novel of truth and a search for identity by bestselling author Stacy Hawkins Adams.

Stacy Hawkins Adams first touched on love and belief with her Jubilant Soul series. Coming Home, the first novel in her Winds of Change series, let her look deeper into the same themes.

Now, in Lead Me Home, the second in the Winds of Change series, Shiloh Griffin has no identity outside of her roles as pastor’s wife and mom. Some days that is enough … but not always. Particularly when partnered with the always confident, always gracious Jade Smith on a church ministry project. Rather than shying away from God in her nervousness, Shiloh clings to him, seeking every day to redeem herself.

When Shiloh begins mentoring Monica, a fifteen-year-old member of the church, she confronts an issue she has been praying for years to forget. If she turns away, this teen’s life-and her soul-could be in jeopardy. If she decides to stand up and help, she knows she’s the one who risks losing everything.

Lead Me Home is the second book of the Winds of Change series but background from the first in the series isn’t needed before reading this story. This is the first book I’ve read by Stacy Adams and I enjoyed her writing style. She wrote a great Christian story (a girl read) that focuses on some hard issues. It was a big book that I read in no time because I was caught up in the story. 

The characters and their struggles were real. The storylines were interesting and dealt with forgiveness, hope, and my personal favorite, acceptance. 

The book starts with a great dedication page. It ends with discussion questions and a fact page about hearing loss which is something Stacy brings awareness of through one of the characters. 

Disclosure of Material Connection: This book was provided by BookSneeze in exchange for an honest opinion. No other compensation was received.

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The Numbers of Hope

Autumn took this photograph.  Our house was in the construction phase and Jesse is actually standing on a ledge over an open stairwell.

re-post from July 9,2011

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