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Lifestyle and travel bags & accessories! 

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travel (Italy, anyone?), weekend getaways (cottage, please!), overnight trips, outdoor sports (hiking, biking + more!), local exploring, sporting events (why not go hands free?), baby needs, school needs!



The lug® collection of undercover bears is a cuddle team of different bears/agents. They have different colors, faces, names, and even personalities! Agent Boots, the brown bear, is “one tough bear – a mighty force, no doubt. His strength is matched by none around; he’s stable as a rock. Cuddle in close with this big, strong bear, and carry him for health and stability whenever you need cover.” 




There is an inflatable pillow for the bear cover or you could use the blanket inside the bear cover for a softer shapable fit (assuming you don’t need the blanket) Both the bear pillow cover and the blanket are machine washable.

I’ve washed agent Gomer, the “green” bear, several times since I’ve had him (2014) and he is still soft and in good shape. I’ve had many uses for him over the years. Not surprising that it makes a great back-to-school idea. We head out in the morning with a cuddly back seat travel buddy. Sometimes he rides with mom up front !

Pillow Case Size: 11″w x 9″h x 3″d
Blanket Size: 35″w x 46″h
Notes From Dawn received an UCB from lug® in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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Coloring and pop-ups, together at last!
First, color the animals in the eight double-page spreads. Then find the pop-up parts in the folder in the back of the book. Color them, then press them out. Fold and glue to the spreads as directed. Presto! You’ve made your own pop-ups!
The press-outs’ folder can be hidden once you’ve finished. It’s a great rainy day project, and lots of fun for kids – and parents!

Nicely done with images that are simple but interesting. The pages are just the right thickness for coloring and folding. A pocket in the back keeps pop-up parts stored until ready to complete. This is a great resource for kindergarten and first grade home school art or for family time fun. Highly recommend.


Order online at Kane Miller Publishing shopping site Usborne Books & More

Kane Miller EDC Publishing provided these books to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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What is Home Art Studio?

This program is designed to increase students’ love and appreciation of the visual arts. The Home Art Studio program will enhance a child’s ability to problem-solve, think creatively, and truly see the world around them. The art projects students will complete are designed to illustrate the elements and principles of art in an age-appropriate way.

We recommend viewing and beginning one project a week. The lessons build on prior knowledge. Throughout the school year, the student will gain greater understanding and hands-on skills.

The lessons include a variety of media. Students are introduced to drawing, painting, sculpture, and more! Students will also listen to professional artists, take a trip to an art museum, and learn about how art is everywhere in the world around them. Parents don’t need to be intimidated by their own lack of knowledge or skill as an artist. The projects are easy to follow, and a lot of fun for students!

Students will work at different paces. It’s just fine if a student wants to take a long time on their masterpiece. Please let them go at their own speed to express themselves, while also taking the time to make sure they absorb the concepts being taught in the lesson. Most importantly, keep “art time” pressure-free and encourage your student to think outside the canvas; students are most creative when they’re having fun!

Art Education worth buying! We received the Home Art Studio Kindergarten program w/supplies for review and had lots of good fun learning about lines, patterns, and shapes with different art materials. We watched the video lesson on the tv and then did the art project. I have a chrome book and was not able to use the PDF files. The DVD is reasonably priced at 29.99. The supply list for the projects taught can also be purchased and comes from Jerry’s Artarama (63.57 for a good size box of art supplies. see list below)
  • Pacon Tru-Ray Sulphite Construction Paper Pack of 50 12×18″ – Assorted Colors
  • Sculpey White Polymer Modeling Clay – 1.75 lbs.
  • RAS 2 oz Tempera 12 Color Set
  • First Impressions Complete Art Studio Set for Kids
  • Round Chubby Paint Brush for Kids – 10pk
  • Strathmore 300 Spiral Watercolor Pad 11×15″
  • Bristol Pad 11×14″
  • Mijello Fredi Weber Peel-able Tray Palette

Kindergarten through fifth grade DVD’s available as well as a holiday arts & crafts program. We reviewed this Kindergarten DVD and recommend it for home school/ home use. It was professionally done with a good variety of projects appropriate for the grade level. The presentation was calm which is a big aspect of why I enjoyed this curriculum. (not loud or hyper) Pics of some of our completed projects coming soon.

Home Art Studio provided the Kindergarten Art Education DVD to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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