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TreeSmart makes pencils from recycled newspapers. What a smart idea! Take a look at the TreeSmart process.

Made in the United States,  TreeSmart pencils keep tons of newspapers out of the landfill and minimizes the cutting of trees.

TreeSmart sent me some to try. They are wonderful!

They are so unique in look and feel. The pencil is rounded with a smooth barrel on which the newsprint is clearly visible. It sharpens easily, actually better than most regular pencils. The no. 2 graphite writes smooth and the eraser is latex-free and smudge proof.

The  mini colored pencils were comparable to other wood-made colored pencils. The set contains 12 colors. The lighter purple color wasn’t purple but more of a flesh tone color and very close to the brown shade.  Also, the two blues are very close to being the same shade. They sharpened nice and the graphite stayed strong during coloring.

The pencils are available in a small 12 pack size up to a large 288 school saver size. The 12 piece colored pencils come in 7″ or  a mini size.

I am truly wowed by these TreeSmart pencils! Why would I need a pencil made from a tree again?

Save a tree! Reuse a newspaper!

I received pencils and colored pencils from TreeSmart in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received.

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