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The almost true story of Steve, a very scary fish.
Steve is not very big. His teeth aren’t very sharp. And even though he’s no Angel Fish, there are far scarier fish in the sea. So why are all the other fish so frightened of him?
This very funny story is full of real facts (mutualistic relationship between sharks and pilot fish) and introduces a range of sea creatures in a fun and appealing way. It’s also fun to read over and over again.

Megan’s underwater illustrations are simple but with that important detail that keeps a young listener interested and amused. The last page spread is the true part of the story explaining the relationship between pilot fish and sharks. A fun book and educational, too. This is Megan’s second picture book. I say it’s a charming book for ages 4-8. 


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Paperback, 64 pages, July 2017

In this new installment of Lee J. Ames’s beloved Draw 50 series, readers will find easy-to-follow, step-by-step visual lessons on sketching and rendering all kinds of sea and ocean-dwelling creatures. Animals and plants from in and near the water featured in the book include clownfish, whale sharks, sea otters, dolphins, turtles and more.

Draw 50 is a step-by-step way to draw and uses only visual lessons, so don’t expect any text in this book. I appreciate this simple method of creating by observation. Each drawing is shown in 6-8 steps on a single page. The selection of sea creatures are not arranged in a any particular order but there is a single content page at the beginning to make it easy to find your subject. Each sea creature is named. Great addition to the home school art class. This is a beginner’s level book. 

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I’m not ready to say goodbye to Summer yet

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