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Changing The Way You Pack


Each pack contains 10 bands, 5 small and 5 large.  The small band is 9″ in circumference and the large band is 10.5″.  rollnband is constructed of 3/4″ non-roll woven elastic, which helps prevent the band from twisting in on itself.  The silicon label is color coded to help in separating clean from dirty clothes upon returning from your travels.

Do you have any summer vacation plans?  I don’t yet but when I go on my next adventure, I intend to pack with rollnbands™. That being said, this review was done by family-member-airline pilot; a perfect reviewer for travel bands if there ever was one.

rollnband™ proved to be a helpful packing aid. The two sizes provide the amount of stretchability needed. Simple to use.

Roll it Band it Pack it




Dirty clothes were re-rolled with the rollnband™ but were placed in a laundry bag so the color-coded label wasn’t utilized. (yellow side, clean; gray side, dirty) I think the two-sided label could be used for identifying something else. Maybe like marking outfits for a specific day? (yellow for day 1; gray for day 2) But what about days 3, 4, and so on? Oh well.

Overall, they are a terrific made in the USA product. I would like them better without the labels and I would suggest a 12″ size.

Notes From Dawn received a package of travel bands from rollnband™ in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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