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Bread. Pesto. Tomato. Mozzarella. Basil.   

Take liberties to make this quick-pressed sandwich the way you like it. in mere minutes. 

My version:


Start with the bread. I used sour dough because it was available. [any bakery style bread would be good. ciabatta is typical for a panini] Spread pesto on one slice of bread [either store or homemade. what other options are there?] Then add a few tomato slices. Roma are my favorite because they are firm, easy to slice, and don’t have a lot of seeds [use any variety you like, sliced thick or thin] Add cheese. I use packaged mozzarella [fresh mozzarella is an option] And finish with basil. I place whole basil leaves on my sandwich [but go ahead and chiffonade the basil if you prefer]  

Use a nonstick pan. Add butter or olive oil. Heat. Add sandwich. Then use the simple stove-top technique [pan on the stove with another pan for a press]


 have a panini favorite? please share

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