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Creating order out of chaos one plant at time!

Global Garden Friends

The Background Info

Global Garden Friends is a young company, incorporated in 2009. Our first and flagship product is the “Ultimate Plant Cage.” Our latest hot seller is the “Ultimate Plant Clip”. We put “global” in our name for a reason – we want all the people in the world to have a chance to create order out of chaos in their own gardens.

My review was prompted by a need for a support system for blackberry plants that we are growing in large clay pots. Our blackberry plants here in South Carolina will need a different support system than what we used in Ohio on our blackberry farm.


Brambles start small but grow quickly reaching 5 feet in height. 


You can see how these beauties can grow! From farm to pot, let’s continue with the review-


The Ultimate Plant Cage, the Ultimate Plant Stakes, and the Ultimate Plant Clips are, well, Ultimate!

The Ultimate Plant Cage comes in 2 parts, the base and the stakes. (also included are knuckles, hex bolts, wing nuts and pole caps. no tools required) The base is a “snap-together” design which makes it completely adjustable. Build and use it around your plants as needed. The cage comes with 6 of the Ultimate Plants Stakes. The stakes can also be purchases separately. These support poles extent up to 32″ by a “spin and lock” mechanism. ( 18″ outer poles and 14″ inner poles) It is super easy to adjust height with plant growth.


The Ultimate Plant Clips – I would have loved to have had these instead of using twine on 300 plants! These plants clips are reusable and they secure plants easily and gently. They have leaf shape “arms” that resemble the arms of those toy monkeys that come in a barrel (A Barrel of Monkeys).


Made from 100% recyclable plastic (and certified biodegradable) here in the USA, these Eco friendly garden support products exceeded my expectations. Visit the Global Garden Friends website and Global Garden Friends on facebook.  

Use code “notesfromdawn” to receive a 25% discount! And “Let the good times grow!”

I received the Ultimate Plant Cage, the Ultimate Plant Stakes, and the Ultimate Plant Clips from Global Garden Friends to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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