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Intelligent Lids

environmentally thoughtful, one-piece lids for your jars. 

2 styles, 2 sizes, 9 colors!

intelligent lids are available as a storage lid or a drinking lid for your regular and wide mouth mason jars. Made from FDA approved, food safe polypropylene that is recycled and recyclable. They are BPA, BPS, and Phthalate free. Designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped from the Seattle area.



How Intelligent LIDS came to life…..

Intelligent LIDS was started by a Seattle woman who loves her mason jars and wanted a one-piece, non-rusting, reusable, non-leaking lid for everyday use.

“Mason jars are a great example of a perfect product for today’s world: durable, recyclable, beautiful and true multi-taskers. Really, what other item can you think of that people use to preserve food as well as make into a light fixture, soap dispenser or salad container?!! They are so simple in design yet inspire the creativity of the owner. I use my mason jars every day for mixing salad dressings, blending smoothies, arranging flowers and making my own iced tea. I wanted a one-piece, non-rusting lid that reflected the jars’ environmental friendliness and beautiful style.”

Intelligent Lids maintains a low environmental footprint by designing, manufacturing and distributing from the Greater Seattle area.

my review comments:

Love the idea. Love the product. The lids fit the jars perfectly and I’m smiling over the many ways I can use them. The drink lid was better than I expected. It is smooth and easy to drink from. (fyi- the drink slide is not watertight) I found the drink lids helpful when out on the patio to keep “outdoor things” out of my drink. The colors are useful for identifying your beverage/mason jar from someone else’s when entertaining company.

Notes From Dawn received mason jar lids from intelligent Lids in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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