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Steve Baker, inventor of the DUS-T, created ICHANGE inc. in 2005.  The goal of the company was to enlighten the public to the causes of respiratory damage and skin disorders caused by everyday exposure to the environment.  Steve and his associates have been working diligently to ensure a safe work place, as well as creating a reliable solution to the wasteful disposal masks that have flooded the market. “Green thinking” is the way to a cleaner planet and a healthier environment!

I think you’ll agree that the DUS-T is a great protective garment for you and an Earth kind alternative to disposable dust masks. 

The DUS-T Undershirt – This should accompany the “honey-do” list. It’s perfect for all sorts of jobs. What do you get with the DUS-T? A comfortable shirt that has an attached face mask. The mask part rolls into the collar so the shirt looks like a regular shirt but the mask is there when needed. The mask covers the neck, mouth, and nose; there are ear straps to secure it in place. The DUS-T is made from 100% cotton and washable so it can be worn again the next day. It replaces disposable dust masks and is much more comfortable to wear. It’s made in the USA; available in several styles, colors, and sizes.   



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Notes From Dawn received a protective undershirt from DUS-T in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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