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we love this Music!

A.J. Jenkins, singer/songwriter

Listen and watch on You Tube or visit the website.

Terrific songs for toddlers. Educational and fun in a soothing folk music style.


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Our lovely old piano has become more than just a lovely old piece of furniture. 

I know that nothing beats a good piano teacher; but, with the Piano Pronto books, we have self-taught our way to making music. While our living room isn’t a concert hall yet, the sounds coming from it are quite musical thanks to Jennifer’s books.

Many other books that we have attempted to learn from have failed us miserably. Piano Pronto delighted us and we highly recommend this incredible self-teaching book. (Applause)

It has made learning fun and practice times have been rewarding. The series of books start at Prelude and continue through to Movement Level 7. We have just finished Movement Level 1.

Movement 1 Essentials (Method Book & Teacher Duets)

Why we love it:

Theory is included throughout the book. The explanations are clear and are followed by a lesson that reinforces it.

“Pronto Prep” are practice pages that concentrates on the more difficult part of the next music selection.

The songs are enjoyable. Nothing kiddie-like or boring.  We enjoy listening to what we are playing and this is really important because practice means that you are going to hear it…. a lot. My favorites are the selections of classical music that are arranged to be played at my skill level. Our playing  sounds like music.

Lessons from a good teacher would add to the learning potential of these books. I purchased this book for my own home school use and wanted to share my opinion.

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