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Blue No.7 was founded in 2005, offering the old fashioned English style Ice Bag which can be used for hot or cold use. Since then we have added our own line of of Artisan French Milled Soap. We are a family run business, not a huge faceless corporation! Our company headquarters are located in beautiful Southern California, additionally with family operations in France.

Hot+Cold Bags

This style bag is wonderful because it is body-shaping. And the fabric is soft to the skin. It has a wide mouth to easily fill with water (and ice cubes). I prefer to use my “Ducky” bag warm. Warm. Soft. Squishy. The website currently shows this bag available in 10 fabric styles. All great as a natural relief of bumps, bruises, headaches, migraines, sinus pain, swollen joints and limbs. Odor free and with a leak proof assurance from Blue No. 7 customer service. 



French Milled Soap

Mm mm, Grapefruit – 1 of 7 scents. “You’ll fall in love with our French Milled 100% vegetable soaps which are made of the finest ingredients, including essential and natural oils, found in the South of France.​​”  Merveilleux!

Spa Face Cloth

It’s an 11×11 washcloth with a mouth cutout. Simple but so very nice! Great addition to a spa/beauty gift package. Available in white or pink.

Deodorant Remover and the Do Everything Tape

These are called “wardrobe must-haves” on the Blue No.7 website. The natural deodorants that I use don’t leave any white marks so I’ve not been able to review the deodorant remover. I also haven’t used the double-sided tape stripes on any of my clothes but I think some people would really find them handy. A great  item for a mom’s quick wardrobe fix, to use with kids clothes, and with creating kiddo play costumes. 

Good Deal! Blue No.7 is offering FREE shipping the entire month of March.

Notes From Dawn received these products from Blue No. 7 in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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Do you dread putting your flip-flops away in the fall?

Peeky Toes at a coffee shop


Peeky Toes™ are toeless socks made for your visit to the spa. They keep your feet warm while your toes get pretty. Now if the spa thing isn’t for you, Peeky Toes™ are great at other times. Personally, I like them to wear them with flip-flops for a warm, stylish look. And I like to wear them around the house and when in bed after putting lotion on my feet. Love the wiggle room.


These certified organic cotton socks are comfortable (arch support), warm, and Eco friendly! 

Chocolate Brown is one of three new winter colors. 


Environmentally Friendly and Responsible Citizens

Peeky is committed to using eco-friendly materials in our packaging and other areas of our business. We use 100% Forest Stewardship Council board for our packaging, soy and vegetable based inks, 100% recycled tissue, Eco-Bags with Fair Wage & Fair Labor, and recycled business cards. We opted to not use plastic hooks with the packaging, so as to reduce the waste materials in the environment.

Visit the Peeky Toes website to read more Peeky Pride good stuff like this.

I received Eco Peekys from Peeky Toes™ to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A postitive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

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