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award-winning activity, novelty, and educational nonfiction books for preschoolers to 12-year-olds

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This stunning collection of nursery rhymes features all of the favorites, each illustrated by a different artist. My Wonderful Nursery Rhyme Collection is the perfect gift for baby showers or birthdays. It includes a die-cut cover, ribbon bookmark, and 192-pages of classic rhymes paired with modern illustration. This nursery rhyme collection is sure to be a collectible passed through the generations.

There are 192 pages in this hardcover book of almost 100 nursery rhymes. Starting with “song” nursery rhymes, the book then groups the others into categories of action, animal, games, counting, and lullabies. There is an instruction page for suggested actions to do and for games following each of those sections. It’s a large book (9.7 x 11.1) with equally large illustrations. Very pretty and nicely arranged. We will be continuing to read through it and finding our favorites.

Who is flying high one moment, only to come down low the next? Who is quiet with anticipation of a loud celebration? In Peekaboo Pals: Opposites, children will lift the flaps and be delighted by the amusing antics of the illustrated animals while learning about opposites. Colorful illustrations and flaps with hidden surprises underneath will keep youngsters engaged as they learn.

Sturdy flap book for little ones with thicker pages than a paperback. In this lift-the-flap book, different kinds of animals act out the opposite presented. More than the typical up/down – there are a lot of opposites in this book. Humorous and fun, this book is well written and illustrated. I categorized this one with those books that you don’t mind reading over and over.

Silver Dolphin provided these books to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.



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Beautiful picture books by international authors & illustrators

NorthSouth Books

North South Publishers sent me several of their terrific titles. Here’s the books and my thoughts-

New in the North South Spring 2014 catalog, Call Me Jacob.

When Matthew decides that he wants to change his name, he soon discovers that it’s not an easy choice. ‘Jacob’ is a great skateboarder, ‘Lucas’ is the best at sports . . . and ‘Evan’ is a math wiz. Matthew tries each name—expecting that his life will better. That is, until Anna sends an invitation addressed to one very special boy—and its not Jacob, Lucas, or Evan.

A hardcover picture book that particularly boys would like; this is a good story about self-acceptance.  Marie Hübner (author), Iris Wolfermann (illustrator)

Lindbergh. The Tale of a Flying Mouse, on book shelves May 1st! 

One small step for a mouse; one giant leap for aviation.
These are dark times . . . for a small mouse. A new invention—the mechanical mousetrap—has caused all the mice but one to flee to America, the land of the free. But with cats guarding the steamships, trans-Atlantic crossings are no longer safe. In the bleakest of places . . . the one remaining mouse has a brilliant idea. He must learn to fly!
Debut illustrator Torben Kuhlmann’s inventive tale and stunning illustrations will capture the imagination of readers—young and old—with the death-defying feats of this courageous young mouse.
This picture book is longer than average with 96 pages, many with full page illustrations. Probably better for kindergarten and up, it is a picture book of interest to both boys and girls. It can lead to a discussion about history, inventors, aviation (flying/airplanes), and also problem-solving and perseverance. The illustrations are done in browns and grays which adds to the history feel of the book. The ending reveals that the heroic mouse inspired Lindbergh. I don’t think the title best suits the story since the story is about the mouse, not Charles Lindbergh.  Torben Kuhlmann (author/illustrator)

One of several mice books by Japanese author Haruo Yamashita, Seven Little Mice Have Fun on the Ice, is a cute family story.  The mice siblings are not mentioned individually in the text but the illustrations show their expressions/personalities and I think this adds a lot to the story. Haruo Yamashita (author),  Kazuo Iwamura (illustrator)

“I Have a Little Problem”, said the Bear, is a story with a good lesson on listening and learning why communication is important. Young readers will notice the repetition in the story as the bear tries to tell his problem. Happy ending for little readers. The illustrations add to this paperback picture book. Her work is in full color and with a lot of attention to detail. Heinz Janisch (author), Silke Leffler (illustrator)

Pitschi. My favorite book of the bunch. 

On Lisette’s farm all the animals are happy except Pitschi, the smallest kitten. Pitschi wants to be something different. It takes a night time adventure and a warm homecoming for Pitschi to discover that what she really wants is to be a kitten after all.

Pitschi the kitten’s attempts to be a rooster, goat, rabbit, and other kinds of animals on the farm almost bring her to harm, but she finally discovers how to enjoy being a kitten.

This is another book that addresses self-acceptance. The story of Pitschi presents inquisitiveness, kindness for others, and contentment. Hans Fisher excels at both writer and illustrator. His fondness of cats is evident in the story and illustrations. Simple lines and scribbles come to life. Love this book! Hans Fisher (author/illustrator)



This review gives you a sampling of the many titles available from NorthSouth. Click here to see their Spring 2014 Catalog.

These books were provided by NorthSouth Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

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Here’s my September book pic from Storey Publishing

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This is a newly offered Storey Publishing book arriving just in time for back-to-school. Show Me a Story is a visually delightful book full of 40 projects and activities for adults to do with children to encourage storytelling. This book is a valuable resource for parents and teachers that will blossom the imagination for writing and art.

Show Me a Story

40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children’s Storytelling

Emily K. Neuburger

Children love to make up stories, and these 40 creative projects and activities encourage them to free their storytelling instincts. Younger children will love making story stones and a storytelling jar, and then will love using them to create stories of their own, while older kids will enjoy word grab bags, story walks, and journaling exercises. For everyone ages 5 to 12, whatever their reading level, this book has everything needed to spark an infinite number of child-created stories.

Many projects in this book can be made with re-purposed materials around the house or outside.

My thanks to Storey Publishing for allowing me to review this book. This book was provided in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received.

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