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Super Undies

 Super Undies doesn’t just make potty training pants, we make potty training fun.  Our potty training products come in a variety of styles to suit your lifestyle the best, but all of them have this great hidden pocket that allows you to adjust the absorbency of your training pants. Each potty trainer can go from a diaper to training pants and back, just by using inserts! Now when you need the absorbency of a diaper, you don’t have to bust out disposables, which can cause potty training confusion and delay the process. Just use Super Undies!

Reviewed: Hybrid Undies

LIKE. The Hybrid Undies are potty training pants and an alternative to disposables (in this case, an alternative to pull-ups). Perfect for the last bit of serious toilet training. Good for any DAY time accidents since they give a wet feeling. (they don’t hold much volume, so not “super” absorbent, even with added inserts) 

{My Eco confession: I feel obligated to disclose that I choose to use disposables. Just too much effort and too many cleaning supplies needed otherwise.}

Potty Training Pants - Hybrid Undies

Notes From Dawn received the Super Undies Hybrid from Super Undies in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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